Perry Pushing A Part-time Congress

Texas Gov Rick Perry (R)/AP

Texas Gov Rick Perry (R)/AP

As part of his plan to reform Washington, Texas Gov. Rick Perry wants to create a "part-time, citizen Congress," and he claims he's got the attention of Washington's "establishment."

Perry is proposing cutting Congressional pay in half, slashing Congressional staff budgets, and allowing senators and representatives to hold jobs in their states and communities.

When asked about the idea of a part-time Congress, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said he didn't think it was a very serious proposal for a country with a deficit, high unemployment and two wars. Hoyer went on to suggest it was an attempt to "pander to the Tea Party."

Perry argues that's what he expects to hear from what he calls a "career politician."

"When people like Steny Hoyer come out there and go, 'Is this guy being serious?' Yeah, you better believe it Steny. Americans are serious. They're serious about the spending that's going on," Perry told Sean Hannity on his radio show Tuesday.

When pushed on how to make this happen, Perry referred back to Texas saying, "Texas is the thirteenth largest economy in the world, our legislature only meets for 114 days every other year. We manage to get our work done."

To cut congressional salaries, you would have to pass a law - and there are some Constitutional issues here. Even if a law is passed, one Congress cannot bind another, unless you amend the Constitution.

Perry's idea is that Americans will vote out the senators and representatives who don't back this idea. Perry spokesman Mark Miner claims, "People who are the cause of the problem aren't going to support it." If president, Miner claims Perry would make it mandatory with the veto pen, appropriations, and votes from candidates that will support these measures with the true belief that we need to fix the broken system and stick up for cutting their salaries.