A federal court has ordered the state of New York give drivers the option to use "Choose Life" as a license plate border after the Department of Motor Vehicles rejected it over concerns the expression would be "patently offensive." 

MyFoxNY reports that the order won't be immediately implemented in case the state decides to appeal the decision. 

The ruling comes seven years after the Alliance Defense Fund filed suit to overturn the DMV's decision. 

The plate design is a product of the Children First Foundation, which ADF represented. It included a crayon drawing of a yellow sun behind the faces of two smiling children. 

"Pro-adoption organizations have the right to a specialty license plate on the same terms as any other organization, and the court’s decision affirms that,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Jeff Shafer. 

Because of the lawsuit, others specialty plates -- such as a "9/11 Remembrance Plate" and the "Cure Childhood Cancer" plate -- have been on hold.