Huntsman Daughters Parody Cain Campaign's "Smoking" Video

Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman's daughters have been his most visible advocates on the web and now they're resorting to a parody video making fun of a video released earlier this week by frontrunner Herman Cain's campaign.

Cain's video, released Tuesday, shows his chief of staff Mark Block giving a monologue about his boss and then taking a drag on a cigarette as music chimes in. That video raised eyebrows and became a bit of a distraction for Cain's campaign this week and Huntsman's daughters seek to draw more attention to it through their parody.

"We are shamelessly promoting our dad like no other candidates' family has," Mary Ann Huntsman says in the video that features her and her two sisters wearing fake moustaches to imitate Block. All three adult Huntsman daughters address the camera in the video with some statements selling their dad's candidacy and others being sarcastic.

In a nod to the cigarette drag in Cain's video, the Huntsman girls all three slowly blow bubbles and glare at the camera as the same song that ended Cain's ad plays in the background.

Cain's campaign played down criticism of the smoking video earlier in the week, saying it was merely meant to express the chief of staff's personality. "There is no subliminal message," Block told Fox News. "In fact, I personally would encourage people not to smoke, it's just that I'm a smoker, and as a lot of people on the staff said, just let Block be Block. That's what it was all about."

Huntsman's three daughters have used the Twitter handle @jon2012girls to promote his campaign since he entered the race, often taking blistering shots at other candidates.