Herman Cain Will Try to Clarify 9-9-9 Plan on Friday

Presidential candidate Herman Cain will speak in Detroit on Friday in an effort to clarify his 9-9-9 plan. The news came in an email which may have been mistakenly sent out by the Cain campaign.

The email read in part:"As part of his bold vision for the American economy, Presidential candidate Herman Cain unveiled his Opportunity Zone Plan, designed to create an environment in designated communities that allows production to drive the economy, not spending; which encourages risk-taking to drive growth, speaking Friday outside of Michigan Central Station in Detroit, Michigan."

Cain has shot up in the polls in recent weeks and as a result his signature plan has come under intense scrutiny in the press as well as by his rivals during the most recent presidential debate.

The email then quoted the event which has not yet happened: "Addressing recent questions about the "9-9-9 Plan", Cain said, "We carved out a substantial amount from the aggregate "9-9-9 Plan" tax base, enough to exempt those in poverty, and we will work with Congress to best apply these in a way to break the "poverty trap" and replace it with positive incentives that encourage people to work and take risks in this economy."

Cain's detractors have said his 9-9-9 plan may be too simple and also punishes states which currently have zero sales tax such as New Hampshire, which also traditionally holds the nation's first presidential primary election.

Jake Gibson is a producer working at the Fox News Washington bureau who covers politics, law enforcement and intelligence issues.