Romney Raises $14.2 Million in 3rd Quarter

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney raised $14.16 million in the 3rd quarter, and has $14.65 million on hand, according to financial numbers released today by the former Massachusetts governor's presidential campaign. Overall, Romney has raised a total of $32 million for the GOP presidential primary.

"We are proud of the $32 million we have raised for the campaign so far. This is just the start of the effort to help fuel Mitt Romney's message that will defeat President Obama next November, " Romney for President National Finance Chairman Spencer Zwick said.

The total represents only primary contributions as the campaign did not raise general election funds, the campaign emphasizes. By comparison in 2007, Romney collected $10 million for the third quarter reporting period. Texas governor and GOP rival for the nomination Rick Perry raised $17 million in the same quarter-- his first full fundraising period as a presidential candidate.

"Seems like they spend a lot of money and have little to show for it," tweaked Mark Miner, a Perry spokesman.

FOX News' Lexi Stemple contributed to this report.