Cain to Boycott Nevada Caucus

Another GOP presidential candidate is joining the boycott against Nevada for its attempt to move forward in the nominating process. Herman Cain is joining the boycott according to spokesman J.D. Gordon.

While he will attend Tuesday's debate in Las Vegas, Cain will otherwise not campaign in Nevada until its caucus date is placed after Jan. 17, 2012. That would leave New Hampshire and Iowa enough time in January to conduct their first in the nation contests without either being crowded within seven days.

A move forward by Nevada could lead Iowa and New Hampshire to push their contests up to December with political ads and campaigning running full steam between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman, Newt Gingrich, and Michele Bachmann are also boycotting the primary while Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are not.

Nevada officials including the governor and state GOP chairman have been discussing options since New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner said Tuesday that if Nevada did not move to Jan. 17 or after, New Hampshire by law would have to leapfrog ahead and Dec. 6 and Dec. 13 would be serious possibilities.

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval indicated earlier this week that Nevada would not likely move but the boycott changes the calculus.

If more than half the field blows off the caucuses, including Cain who is now a top tier frontrunner, Nevada's relevance will be questioned.

The ill-will at risk for forcing the contests into this calendar year could also prove costly for Nevada at future RNC calendar meetings. The state also risks losing half of its 28 nominating delegates if it moves forward without the RNC's blessing. But Nevada officials are undeterred.

"Any serious GOP contender has to understand that Nevada is a competitive battleground state," said David Gallagher, executive director of the Nevada Republican Party. "It's really to their detriment to snub the voters in Nevada."

Nevada GOP leaders also pointed to the Florida GOP for starting the scramble to move voting dates.

Fox News Producer and the Associated Press contributed to this report.