Romney to give major Foreign Policy Speech at Citadel

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will give a major foreign policy speech on Friday that will outline his strategy in a "world of growing threats" at the Citadel, the famous military college in Charleston, South Carolina.

His campaign says his speech will be on par in significance to his economic plan that he unveiled in Las Vegas, Nevada last month -- both states hold early primary elections.

"The speech will present a strategy for securing America's enduring interests and ideals in a world of growing threats, and it will discuss specific policies to implement that strategy. It is a strategy that does not assume American decline, but recognizes that American strength -- in our values, economic strength, and military strength -- is the best ally peace has ever known. "Andrea Saul a Romney for President Spokesperson said in a statement." This is a strategy of American leadership, one in which our ties with our allies are strong and our policies clear and resolute."

Romney will also be speaking to military veterans at an event in Mt. Pleasant, S.C. Thursday evening. The former governor of Massachusetts first made mention of Friday's planned speech during an interview on Sean Hannity's syndicated radio show Monday.