Perry, Romney Spar Over Jobs At Fox Debate

Texas Governor Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney continued their battle for the GOP nomination Thursday night at the Fox News/Google debate.

Perry touted his economic record in Texas and insisted, "If it'll work in the state of Texas, it'll work in Washington DC."

Moderator Bret Baier pressed him for details on his jobs plan, to which Perry responded, "You'll see a more extensive plan but the fact of the matter is if you look at the state of Texas and see what we've done there...lowering that tax burden, the regulatory climate...we've taken those types of regulations off of the throat of small business operators." Romney countered that to help create jobs, it helps to have had a job and that he had, and that, "What you need to do it to make America the most attractive place in the world for business, and that means that our corporate tax rates, our employer tax rates have to be competitive. Small business pays at the highest rate when you get those rates down to globally competitive levels."