House Hopes to Avert Government Shutdown With Vote Tonight

Fox has learned that House Republican leaders could try to move a new bill to fund the government, avert a shutdown and infuse FEMA with disaster money as early as Thursday night.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) tells Fox News, "We're going to vote tonight...We intend to make sure there isn't a government shutdown."

House efforts to pass a similar spending bill, or continuing resolution, came up short late Wednesday afternoon when more than 45 Republicans bucked their leadership and voted no on the measure, en route to 230-195 final vote.

Congressman Lee Terry (R-NE) said, "Overall we have a lot of people who want to vote yes" and Cantor added, "We're trying to change the way business is done in Washington."

So far both the House and Senate have failed to jointly approve any of the 12 annual spending bills which fund the federal government. The CR which ran the government (and narrowly averted a government shutdown in April) expires September 30th. The government's new fiscal year, which the annual spending bills are designed for, begins October 1st.