WASHINGTON -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry's comparison of Social Security to a Ponzi scheme is not hurting -- or helping -- him with Republican primary voters, but it is not sitting well with many independents, according a Gallup poll released Friday.

Perry argues in his 2010 book "Fed Up!" that Social Security resembles a Ponzi scheme and goes on to suggest the program is contradictory to the small government spirit of the Constitution.

As many Republicans said they are more likely to vote for Perry because of his views on the entitlement program as those who say they are less likely -- 19 percent each, according to the poll.

The same poll shows that 32 percent of independents said they are less likely to vote for Perry because of his Social Security remarks, with just 12 percent saying it makes them more likely.

A plurality of Republicans said they think the issue could weaken Perry in a general election. Some 37 percent of surveyed Republicans said the issue will hurt the governor's chances against President Obama, assuming Perry is the nominee, with 17 percent saying it will give him a boost.

Among independents, 40 percent said the issue hurts Perry in a general election, and 11 percent said it helps him.