Political Action Committees Set to Play Major Role in 2012 Race

Get ready for a billion dollar blitz of political ads by outside groups as they take center stage in the 2012 presidential race.

Since the Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case last year, certain Political Action Committees or PACs may now collect unlimited contributions without disclosing the people, businesses or organizations that contributed. The Revolution super PAC backing Ron Paul hopes to secure liberty and millions of dollars for the candidate. There is one major super PAC backing Mitt Romney called Restore Our Future. It was started by former Romney staffers months ago and has so far raised over $12 million more than any other super PAC to date.

Rick Perry has more super PACs backing him than any rival; Make Us Great Again, started by ex-Perry staffers, Americans for Rick Perry, Veterans for Perry, and at least 5 others including a group from the first-in-the-nation caucus state of Iowa. Technically super PACs are independent from the candidates and campaigns but they amplify a candidate's positives and more often attack a rival's negatives.

Michele Bachmann's former staffers created Citizens for a Working America to help her. Separately Keep Conservatives United is also bashing Perry on Bachmann's behalf.

The super PAC for Jon Huntsman is called Our Destiny. It's run by Huntsman's ex ad man and a family business associate

And then there is Priorities USA Action which is backing President Obama. This group has been in action for several months promoting the Obama agenda and blasting Republicans.

The Priorities USA super PAC is run by one of President Obama's former top campaign and White House aides Bill Burton. President Obama used to bad mouth such PACs now his insiders are running one of the biggest ones.