VIDEO: Romney Confronts Hecklers Hard in Iowa

DES MOINES, IA - Hours before the first Iowa presidential debate of the 2012 cycle, a handful of Social Security activists heckled GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney during a Des Moines Register-sponsored event at the state fair.

About 10 people from the liberal grass-roots organization Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement bombarded the presidential candidate with accusations that he supported "scrapping Social Security."

"Wall Street greed," one woman shouted while another protester from New Jersey continued to interrupt Romney's answers on whether he planned to tax corporations to strengthen Social Security.

"If you want to speak you can speak, but right now it is my turn," Romney said forcefully to one of the hecklers who was red in the face with anger.

"I will give you my answer. If you don't like my answer you can vote for someone else. And here is my answer: I'm not going to raise taxes, that's my answer! If you want someone to raise taxes vote for Barack Obama," Romney chided.

The former Massachusetts governor and 2008 contender fielded about four questions from the protesters, and kept reiterating that he would "not raise the American people's taxes."

One of the activists then yelled: "Tax corporations!"

"Corporations are people, my friend," Romney replied.

He then presented the question to the crowd of a couple hundred who had gathered to hear him speak.

"This group wants to raise taxes. How do you feel?"

Many in the audience replied, in unison, by booing.