Watch Dog Groups call for Investigation into $1 million donation to Pro-Romney PAC

 On Friday, two campaign finance watch dog groups, Democracy 21 and Campaign Legal Center, officially filed a complaint and requested an investigation by the Federal Election Commission and the Department of Justice into a $1 million contribution to "Restore Our Future," a Super Pac created by three supporters and former aides to GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney.

According to the reform groups, W Spann LLC was founded in March, donated the $1 million to the Super PAC on April 28th, and then dissolved in mid July. The four month existence raised several questions as to why it was created in the first place.

"In this case it appears that someone has gone to great lengths to evade the campaign finance disclosure laws in order to hide what they are doing from the American people," Democracy 21 founder Fred Wertheimer said in a statement. "This is unacceptable and potentially illegal conduct and we are calling for an investigation of possible campaign finance violations."

The Romney campaign responded to a Fox News inquiry about the incident in a statement, insisting, "Restore our Future is an independent group and all questions about their contributions and events should be brought to them."