Iowa Conservatives Unveil Another Pledge for 2012 Candidates

As GOP presidential candidates are signing--or in some cases not signing--pledges on issues ranging from abortion to balanced budgets, now comes a new pledge for the 2012 White House hopefuls.

Influential Iowa conservative Republican Bob Vander Plaats, CEO of "The Family Leader," a conservative traditional values organization, plans to unveil "The Marriage Vow: A Declaration of Dependence Upon Marriage and Family" during a press conference at the Iowa statehouse in Des Moines Thursday.

"We believe that the candidates' positions on core values, such as marriage, correlate directly to his/her moral stances on energy issues, sound budgeting policies, national defense, and economic policies," Vander Plaats said in a statement.

Vander Plaats chaired Mike Huckabee's Iowa campaign in 2008. Huckabee won the Iowa caucuses beating out 2012 GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney.

The pledge includes support for the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), opposing any attempt to define marriage as anything other than between a man and a woman, picking constitutionalists for federal judgeships, supporting efforts to end human trafficking, rejection of Sharia law and fidelity to one's spouse.

The Obama administration recently stopped defending DOMA in court challenges saying it doesn't believe the law is constitutional.

The group says the new pledge's purpose is "to have on record the personal convictions of each presidential candidate as it relates to the issue of marriage."

You can read the pledge below.