GOP White House hopefuls served up spicy New Orleans attacks on the left and the incumbent president at the Republican Leadership Conference.

To President Obama and all the Liberals in Washington, D.C.," Herman Cain told the cheering crowd, "the U.S. is not going to become the United States of Europe. Not on our watch and not in the presidency of Herman Cain!"

The latest Gallup poll shows 44 percent of voters are likely to vote for whomever ends up becoming the Republican Party candidate in 2012. That compares to just 39 percent who would vote to reelect President Obama.

Congressman Ron Paul declared, "I have great news for the cause of liberty. It's coming our way!"

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich showed that despite last week's stunning staff walkout, he can rip President Obama with best of them.

"He is a natural, secular, European socialist. He believes in big government, he believes in centralized power, he believes he as a politician knows more than we do and he should help us redesign our lives by letting him and his bureaucrats live it for us!"

Former Utah Governor John Huntsman cancelled his scheduled appearance because of a head cold.

Michigan Congressman Thaddeus McCotter, with hands held out like weighing scales, defined for the enthusiastic crowd the difference between the GOP and the Democratic Party.

"You can have prosperity, or you can have poverty. You can have duty, or you can have indulgence. You can have exceptionalism, or you can have declinism."

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson received only scattered applause for pushing his signature issue.

"I espouse legalizing marijuana. Legalize marijuana and arguably 75 percent of the border violence with Mexico goes away."

Gaining steam since her New Hampshire debate debut, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachman repeatedly drew applause from the crowd.

"Mr. President you don't win war on terror by closing Guantanamo Bay," she said. "You don't win the war on terror by reading Miranda rights to foreign terrorists. And by the way, Miranda rights are not for foreign terrorists!"

Rick Santorum had the tough job of following Bachman's well-appreciated speech.

"We need government to protect life and liberty as a foundation of this country."

Rick Perry, who's seriously considering a presidential run, is scheduled to speak Saturday after results of a straw poll are announced. He will not be included in that poll because he has not decided whether to run, despite getting much encouragement to do so.

Carl Cameron currently serves as Fox News Channel's (FNC) Washington-based chief political correspondent. He joined FNC in 1996 as a correspondent.