2012 White House hopeful Jon Huntsman made a plea for civility for the second day in a row during his five day opening campaign swing through New Hampshire, home of the leadoff primary next year.

This time the former two-term Utah governor took aim at those in Washington negotiating over how to deal with the nation's $14 trillion federal debt in his commencement address to graduates of Southern New Hampshire University. Four years ago then-candidate Barack Obama did the same.

Huntsman casts himself as a practical leader who will lift the nation above petty partisanship and as someone who get things done. He also points to his experience and skill as a diplomat, recently stepping down as U.S. ambassador to China. He previously served as ambassador to Singapore in addition to several other posts.

In this era of combative Tea Party partisanship, Huntsman used his first campaign-trail news conference Friday in Hancock, New Hampshire to say it's time for less screaming and yelling.

He told Saturday's SNHU graduates that "if we Americans remain civil to each other we can deal with our problems, including the debt crisis that is hanging over us. After the shooting in Tucson when Representative Giffords was injured, we talked seriously about civility. Many Republicans and Democrats even sat together at the State of the Union....."Now, if we can just sit together and solve our problems."