Bachmann Now Likely to Run for President

Senior insiders to Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann say the Republican founder of the House Tea Party caucus is now very likely to run for president.

In the wake of both Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump opting out of the 2012 race, calls to Bachmann's offices "have been burning up our lines" according to a Bachmann confidant who marveled, "one guy called her our Margaret Thatcher!"

Bachmann has said before that she will likely make a decision by June. She unveiled a new website design Monday that highlights Team Bachmann rather than Congresswoman Bachmann.

In addition to encouragement by phone and email, supporters are also pledging money, according to the insider.

Most, if not all, of the Republican White House hopefuls are vying for support from those who might otherwise have backed Huckabee or Trump.