Romney: Obama Deficit Plan "Deceptive and Intellectually Dishonest"

MIAMI-- Though he has not officially announced, Mitt Romney looked and sounded like he was running for the Oval Office during a stop at an H&R Block in Orlando Friday when he fired an economic broadside at the president.

With his wife Ann by his side, Romney described Obama's proposals to reduce the national deficit as "deceptive and intellectually dishonest."

"I was very disappointed and I think the American people deserve better," the former Massachusetts governor said.

Romney also said he supported Iowa and New Hampshire's traditional places in the 2012 primary calendar as first in line and ahead of Florida. GOP lawmakers in the Sunshine State have been pushing to move their primary earlier in the process and hope to schedule it at least fifth in the GOP presidential primary queue.

"The first in the nation are Iowa and New Hampshire. They play a very vital role in the nomination process and that order is an order which I think has to be kept in place," Romney said in response to a reporter's question. "I surely will be campaigning in this state. "

"This is a state which traditionally has a lot to say about who our nominee is going to be, and I expect that to be the case in the future as well," he added.

On the day that is traditionally Tax Day in the United States, Romney toured a local H&R Block and met with Florida small businessmen. Romney was also in town to make an appearance at a fundraiser and meet with potential supporters.