Mack for Mitt: Romney Picks up Florida Endorsement

Romney File Photo

Romney File Photo

MIAMI-- Mitt Romney has picked up another important Florida endorsement as he continues to build his network in the crucial primary state ahead of his probable run for president. U.S. Rep. Connie Mack IV has said that he will support the former Massachusetts governor because of his economic credentials.

"We need true leadership in the White House with someone who is uniquely qualified to grow the economy and create the quality jobs that Americans deserve and need, " Mack told the St. Petersburg Times.

Mack, who supported Romney in 2008, is a popular Republican congressman in southern Florida, and was expected to run for U.S. Senate but decided against it in a surprising move last month.

Former chairman of the Republican Party of Florida and powerful state Senator John Thrasher also said last month that he would support a Romney 2012 candidacy.

"If Governor Romney decides to run for president in 2012, I will absolutely be supporting him and helping him in Florida," Thrasher told FOX in March." He would be a great GOP nominee." 

Romney sights are firmly focused on Florida, a state at the center of his political strategy to win the GOP nomination, according to Florida insiders who are backing him and his expected entry into the 2012 race.

In a new poll released Wednesday Romney has wide lead among the GOP potential field in the Sunshine state. Romney is the early front runner with 33 percent, according to a Suffolk University/WSVN Miami Poll among registered GOP Florida voters. Mike Huckabee comes in a distant second with 14 percent.

In 2008, Romney came in second to John McCain in Florida, who went on to pick up the GOP nomination.

Romney is expected to travel to Florida Friday.