Florida GOP Reining Back on Primary Push

MIAMI- Senior GOP officials in Florida are easing up on their push to establish Florida's 2012 primary ahead of the states that traditionally go first on the voting schedule, but are still intent of having a date earlier than what the Republican National Committee had initially planned.

"This is not a hostage situation. Our goal is not to go Number 1. We think that is historically Iowa's. Our goal is to be in a spot where we would have a real say in the primary process, not to move ahead of Iowa or New Hampshire." Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos said in a statement to FOX.

Another GOP official says even  "5th is okay" after Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina,& Nevada but they want to stress the importance of Florida as the "ultimate swing state" that they say is fully in play for 2012. They are in talks with RNC, and they do not want to jeopardize the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, but are adamant that they should move up in a position to still matter in the presidential primary process , especially now with Florida possessing 29 electoral votes- 2 more than 2008, and on par with New York.

As of now the Sunshine State's primary is set for January 31, in violation of the RNC rules. A probable compromise may be a mid-February primary after the first four, according to Florida Republicans. Currently, RNC is allowing only those first four states before March 2012.