Gov't Agency Says Interior Dept "High Risk" While Census Bureau Gets Passing Grade

Every two years, the Government Accountability Office puts out its "High-Risk Report," which describes specific problems the agency thinks threatens to hinder America's success.

In its 2011 edition, the first since the catastrophic Gulf oil spill, the nonpartisan group targets a section of the Interior Department which manages the country's oil and gas resources.

The report also removes the "High-Risk," designation from the 2010 Census. Fears about cost control, risk management, and automated systems garnered the Census a spot on the list in March 2008, but the Bureau, "generally completed its data collection activities consistent with its plans," and even turned in their data a few days before the due date.

The report explains that it is singling out the Interior Department's supervision of oil and gas for two main reasons. First, because they might be getting ripped off. Second, because they might not have properly trained staff. "Interior does not have reasonable assurance that it is collecting its share of billions of dollars of revenue from oil and gas produced on federal lands," it says on the report's first page of 177. "And it continues to experience problems in hiring, training, and retaining sufficient staff to provide oversight and management of oil and gas operations on federal lands and waters." The report also explains that the Interior Department might not be able to handle re-shuffling their oil and gas program, given the limited resources presently available to them.

The GAO report also removes the DOD Personnel Security Clearance Program. This subtraction leaves a total of 30 areas of concern on the GAO's "High-Risk List."

Peter Doocy is currently a Washington D.C.-based correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC).  He joined the network in 2009 as a general assignment reporter based in the New York bureau.