It's good to be Rahm Emanuel these days.

He beat the residency challenge to his candidacy for Chicago mayor. His lead over opponents in Chicago's Mayoral race -- Gery Chico, Carol Moseley Braun and Miguel del Valle -- is so dominate the question is not whether he will win, but whether he will garner more than 50 percent of the vote and avoid a runoff. And even though President Obama hasn't campaigned for his former chief of staff, Emanuel's got the president's backing.

The downside to his comfy position is that all of the other candidates have their sights set on him.

Carol Moseley Braun recently, with reckless insensitivity to Emanuel's Jewish heritage, compared him to the Hitler character from the famous musical The Producers.

Now headed by outspoken conservative activist and sometime radio host William Kelly put up a new ad targeting Emanuel. The group doesn't have a ton of money, so it's only running on the internet, and it was written by former Clinton staffer turned conservative commentator (and Fox News contributor) Dick Morris.

The ad goes after Emanuel for his appointment to the board of Freddie Mac by Bill Clinton. He made a lot of money for little work before Freddie Mac dove into subprime loans and the whole loan industry took a dive.

Emanuel has been peppered with questions about Freddie Mac throughout the campaign. He's stuck largely to saying that he was only one man on a large board, and he denies any responsibility in the big bank tank.

Here's the ad. Decide for yourself.

Michael Tobin joined FOX News Channel (FNC) in 2001 and currently serves as a Chicago-based correspondent.