Preview of Pawlenty's Remarks at CPAC

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty will speak to the conservative candidate cattle call known as CPAC in Washington DC Friday about "restoring America's greatness by restoring American common sense."

As part of his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference aides say Pawlenty will reject an increase in the debt ceiling. He'll instead call for a Constitutional amendment to balance the budget, repeal of Obamacare, and an overhaul of the federal tax code.

Excerpts as prepared for delivery:

Just because we followed Greece into democracy, does not mean we need to follow them into bankruptcy. Of course, the government spenders come with excuses. ... I know something about the spenders -- and I know something about difficult. I'm from the state of McCarthy, Mondale, Humphrey, Wellstone, and now -- United States Senator Al Franken. But we cut government in Minnesota, and if we can do it there, we can do it anywhere. ...I drew a line in the sand and said, "Absolutely not". We're going to live within our means just like families, just like businesses, just like everybody else." It wasn't easy. I set a record for vetoes in my State. Vetoed billions of dollars of tax and spending increases. Had the first government shutdown in Minnesota's history. Took one of the longest transit strikes in the country's history to get public employee benefits under control. And, in the last budget period, I cut spending in real terms for the first time in the history of my state. The federal government should do the same.