Jeb Bush Says No to 2012… Again

Despite repeatedly denying any interest in running for president in 2012, former Florida governor Jeb Bush is still at the center of media speculation as a potential candidate.

Asked by Politico Tuesday if the door was still shut on a possible 2012 bid, even with the increased attention, Bush curtly answered with one word: "yes."

A close advisor to Bush also reiterated to FOX News his deep disinterest in entering a race for the White House.

" If I had a nickel whenever we get that question, " the advisor said, chuckling. "Now we just laugh whenever someone asks."

Recently in a National Review article, penned by the magazine's editor Rich Lowry, pondered 8 reasons why the popular Floridian should run.

"It's hard to imagine an environment better suited for a heavyweight like Jeb to make a run, " Lowry wrote. "Jeb probably has a better chance to unite the establishment and Tea Party wings of the GOP than anyone else."

"I will not be a candidate in 2012, " Bush said adamantly in an sit-down interview with Fox News, a couple weeks ago.

"I think part of my problem is that as a former politician is that everybody incredibly, deeply discounts everything a politician says, " Bush said, laughing.