Jeb Bush:The Political Math of Conservatives Needs to Include Latinos

AP Photo

AP Photo

MIAMI, Fla - Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush began his remarks to a couple hundred Republicans in a manner uncommon at most conservative political gatherings -- in fluent Spanish.

"Te damos la bienvenida a Miami," Bush started in his second language, showing a microscopic hint of an American accent. Across the crowd, faces smiled and nodded as he continued. A breaking of the ice.

On Thursday night, Bush, co-chairman of the new Hispanic Leadership Network, kicked off a two-day conference in Coral Gables, Fla, a conservative initiative designed to reach out to the Latino voter as the 2012 political cycle approaches.

"It's a question of political math," Bush told Fox's Geraldo Rivera in a sit-down interview.

"If Hispanic voters are increasingly the swing voters in the swing states, it cries out for common sense to make an effort on an on-going basis to assure that Hispanics know that the Republican Party or that the conservative cause wants them."

"Hispanics are naturally conservative in many ways, so this is a natural alliance," he said. "To ignore, it is foolhardy."

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