Prayer from House Chaplain at Congressional Prayer Service

Wednesday's congressional prayer service at the Capitol was closed to journalists, but here is the text of the prayer offered by House Chaplain, Father Daniel Coughlin.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rev. Daniel P. Coughlin

Once the security of one's house has been broken, everyone within feels violated. Fathom questions arise: "What next? Where are we most vulnerable? Who's next?"

Lord God Almighty do not allow useless anxiety or partisan politics paralyze the leaders of this government by the people.

Rather the tragic event in Tucson, Arizona moves the Members of the House of Representatives to come together today and join one another in prayer for the recovery of the Honorable Gabrielle Giffords as well as all those who were injured.

We honorably commemorate the six individuals who lost their life simply because they were Americans who respected and wanted to be involved in government of the people. We honor the civilian heroes and first responders.

We hold dear all the families touched by this tragedy. But we also recognize the young gunman, who obviously is troubled, and his family in so need of prayer.

May our reflection and prayer today, Lord, bring light and drive away the darkness of uncertainty. Bring healing to individuals and the nation.

May this disturbance surface strong leadership in all Your people that America will find new language to further honest dialogue and exercise greater listening skills that will unite a diverse people in common hope and purpose.

Help us to seek Your presence in every free assembly of Your people, hear you voice in free speech. And by following Your Word and being attentive to the movement of Your Spirit within us bring out the best from us both now and forever.