One of the Last People to See Congresswoman Giffords Before The Shooting Speaks Out

He just wanted to get his picture taken with Congresswoman Giffords - now Matthew Laos is known as one of the last people to talk to the Congresswoman before she was shot. Laos told Fox News he met with Gabe Zimmerman, one of Gifford's staff members Friday.

"Gabe encouraged me to come by her 'Congress on the Corner' because he knew that I was interested in passing along a piece of information about her most recent legislation. I wanted to express my support for her," said Laos.

"I arrived early, before the actual event. Gabe had encouraged me to come early to make sure that i had time to meet with the congresswoman, and to meet with Gabby and ensure that I did get a picture. I was there about half an hour before the event started. I helped Gabe and the rest of the staff set up for the event a little bit --the chairs, the tables."

Laos then got a chance to meet with Congresswoman Giffords and took a picture with her. He left just a short time before the shooting.

"As I was driving home I did observe two sheriff's patrol cars heading back in the direction where I had come. I didn't think too much of it. It did seem strange for that time of day and for a Saturday. It wasn't until I got home that I observed the news and first learned that Congresswoman Giffords and everybody else that was behind me in line had suffered the tragedy of the day," Laos recalled.

Gabe Zimmerman, the 30 year old staff member Laos talked to before the event, was one of those killed in the shooting.