New Book First Chapter in Pawlenty Presidential Run?

AP Photo.

AP Photo.

Many politicians keep their autobiographies practically under lock and key until their release date, but Fox News has already received an advance copy of former Minnesota Governor - and very likely 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate - Tim Pawlenty's book.

"Courage to Stand: An American Story" hits bookstores Tuesday. And Pawlenty's nation-wide book tour charts like a campaign swing - Washington, D.C., Minnesota, Florida, Ohio, and of course two days in each of the critical first in the nation states - New Hampshire and Iowa.

In his quest to step up his name recognition, the former two-term governor has lined up television appearances on "Hannity","Fox News Sunday","The View", and "The Daily Show."

What's more, Pawlenty has been doing a lot of groundwork under the banner of his Freedom First PAC-- putting staffers on the ground in both New Hampshire and Iowa.

The book excerpts released by Pawlenty are heavy on his personal story: his mother's death when he was a teen, his father's truck driver background, his accomplishments as governor, and his take on how he played into the 2008 presidential race as well as the names being thrown around as possible 2012 contenders.

Pawlenty is an evangelical Christian, and there are plenty of references to God and bible quotes - most notably a chapter about how his faith evolved when he met his wife Mary-- a devout Baptist. In the book, Pawlenty says, "Faith is part of my experience, and it is the cornerstone of my value system... But there is a difference between believing in God and presuming God is on my side in matters of public policy."

Pawlenty doesn't flat out say he is going to run for President in his auto-biography. But he does talk about being passed up by 2008 Presidential hopeful John McCain for a more electrifying pick-- former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Pawlenty is civil, saying he told McCain, "It was a gutsy pick. A good pick." In fact, he goes on to call Palin, "A force of nature in the Republican party."

Pawlenty doesn't even give an exact time frame for an announcement. But quotes like, "There is much work to be done, and I have the will and desire to do my part, whatever that part may be," suggest he may already be running.

Meanwhile, the shelves of political junkies are lining with books and auto biographies from possible GOP Presidential contenders. Sarah Palin of Alaska, Arkansas' Mike Huckabee, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, former Massachusetts' governor Mitt Romney, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, and Texas governor Rick Perry have all either recently released books or have one on the horizon.

Pawlenty has said he will make a decision in March-- when the book tour is over. Until then, expect the question to be asked over and over.