McCurry Says He’s No Model For Gibbs Replacement

Mike McCurry says he's flattered that some think President Obama's next press secretary needs to emulate the Clinton White House Press Secretary, but thinks the idea is "totally wrong."

Some White House watchers have suggested a press secretary from outside Obama's inner circle could help the administration the same way McCurry, no Clinton confidante, helped reboot the image of the previous Democratic White House after a stinging midterm reversal.

McCurry suggested, though, that different times call for a different type of press secretary."I was press secretary almost 15 years ago and the job is totally different now," McCurry said in an email to FOX News.

"The President needs someone who will have his confidence and trust, relate well to all the West Wing players, and know how to remake this tired/stale job for the 21st century."

But the former presidential spokesman said that those calling for "another Mike McCurry" are only right about one thing: Keep ‘em laughing.

"The only "McCurry" thing I hope they consider is someone with a sense of humor who can keep the White House press corps engaged and laughing," he wrote.

FOX News' Kristin Brown contributed to this report.