Speaker of the Facebook: Boehner Livestreams Congress’ Opening Session

Incoming Speaker John Boehner is taking over both the House and Facebook simultaneously.

For the first time ever, the opening session of Congress will be broadcast live on Facebook, according to Boehner's director of new media Nick Schaper on the GOP Leader's blog. Viewers will be able to watch the livestream of Boehner being sworn in, interact with other viewers, and directly relay feedback to their elected representatives on the Pledge of America Facebook page.

"The new Republican majority has pledged to change the way Congress works -- to lead by listening to and reflecting the will of the American people," Schaper wrote on the website. "Together with new rules demanding new levels of online disclosure and transparency (including requirements that all bills online at least three days before a vote and committees broadcast their hearings online), this event is another example of the new majority's commitment to making Congress more open and accountable, and to finding new ways to connect with citizens online and off."

Enthusiasts say it would lure not only younger voters but a larger audience to become more involved in politics.

"With over 500 million voluntary subscribers Facebook has become a larger medium than all cable news channels combined and represents a population larger than most countries," said 28-year-old Representative Aaron Schock (R-IL), the youngest member of Congress who grew up in the social media age.

"Streaming the opening session of congress live on Facebook is a great opportunity to promote transparency and democracy worldwide," he said.