Pickup Truck Races Through Checkpoint at Obama Vacation Home

KAILUA, Hawaii -- A man fleeing from local police drove through an outer perimeter checkpoint set up near President Barack Obama's Hawaii vacation home Friday, the U.S. Secret Service said.

Photographers took pictures of a Secret Service agent sprinting toward the scene and pointing a gun at a vehicle.

The driver wasn't trying to get near the president or his family and the incident had nothing to do with his Hawaii visit, Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan said.

"Honolulu police were going to arrest someone they had traffic warrants for. He was able to get away from them, and led them in a high-speed chase which ultimately led to one of our checkpoints," Donovan said.

The 39-year-old driver, who wasn't immediately identified, was eventually arrested and didn't go near a security barricade closer to the Obama vacation home.

The president was playing golf at a nearby Marine base at the time.

Honolulu police said the chase began after officers went to a Kailua home to arrest the man on five warrants for alleged driving violations and he fled.

"He drove past a residential checkpoint that was set up near the president's vacation home, turned around then drove back out," the police statement said.

The chase continued on area roads until he was cornered. Police said officers used a stun gun to subdue him when he refused to get out of his vehicle.

He was treated for minor injuries and jailed on the warrants with additional charges pending, police said.