Ex-Congressman Massa Makes List of 2010’s Worst Bosses

Ten months after sexual harassment allegations forced former Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) to resign his place on the congressional role, the disgraced lawmaker's name has surfaced on another list: eBossWatch.com's 2010 rundown of America's worst bosses.

The workplace watchdog assembled a panel of psychology and employment experts to compile and rank its list of the year's worst discriminators, harassers, and plain all-around jerks. The group ranked Massa, who resigned following reports of groping and "tickle parties" with staffers, number four on the list.

The notorious former congressman joins 99 others, among them public officials, a Little Caesar's pizza parlor manager, a Wisconsin coroner, and a Starbucks barista. The most common cardinal sins against the workforce include sexual harassment, discrimination, and general hostility.

Dallas Fire-Rescue Chief Eddie Burns snags the number one slot after sexual harassment lawsuits filed by four women racked up $1.4 million in legal fees for the city and Actor Steven Seagal weighs in at number 46 after a 23-year old model hired as an executive assistant filed sexual harassment charges against him.

Washington State Senator Pam Roach makes the naughty boss list at number 86 for generally abusing staff members and being asked to get anger management counseling by state Republican leaders while New Jersey Department of Public Works manager Danette Adams also made the list for allegedly trying to run over an employee and referring to subordinates as "pet dogs."

Back in the federal ranks, the Departments of Interior and Homeland Security are also represented on the list. Agency officials are respectively accused of discriminating against subordinates and repeatedly soliciting sex from an employee.