Senate Passes Tax Rate Extension Bill, Problems Lie Ahead in the House

By a vote of 81-19, the Senate has cleared the tax rate compromise legislation.

While it's not out of the question, it is unlikely the package will be brought to the House Floor for a vote Wednesday.

Updated at 3:02 p.m.

And the House is where the problems are.

The reason the House Democratic leadership will not bring the tax bill to the floor Wednesday is because they haven't decided how to handle the estate tax issue.

They could try to make it a stand-alone bill, or maybe "split" the bill, so those who are opposed to the estate tax language can have their say without blowing up the entire bill.

It could be treated as an amendment. However, if the House changes or alters the bill, that ignites a firestorm among Senate Republicans who say the deal is locked in stone. And a change by the House means the bill MUST go back to the Senate.

This has the potential to stretch out over time and no one sees the endgame.

Furthermore, the House plans to tackle the bill Thursday.

Fox Senior Senate producer Trish Turner contributed to this report.