'Doors' Front-man Jim Morrison Expected to be Pardoned Thursday

James Morrison of The Doors in an undated photo. (AP Photo)

James Morrison of The Doors in an undated photo. (AP Photo)

MIAMI, Fl- Florida's Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink has indicated that she will be the third vote to pardon dead rocker Jim Morrison, her press office tells FOX News. 

In Florida, the majority of the governor's Executive Clemency Board (three out of four total on the board) has to vote to approve a pardon at a clemency hearing-- the last hearing before Crist's tenure ends next month will be held Thursday.

Currently, Governor Charlie Crist, Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson, and now CFO Sink have all indicated that they will vote for the pardon. Attorney General Bill McCollum has not said how he intends to vote.

Morrison, the legendary lead singer for the iconic group, The Doors, was arrested and charged with indecent exposure, and profanity after a raucous 1969 concert in Miami. Morrisson fans, and surviving members of his band have said that Morrison was unjustly convicted, and have long pushed Florida governors for a pardon. Morrison died two years later in a bath tub in Paris. Wednesday would have been Morrison's 67th birthday.