Rangel Admits Wrongdoing, Says He's a Victim of "Politics"

To sum it up in his words "Charlie Rangel is Charlie Rangel."

A defiant Rangel addressed the press after his censure, telling the press that "At long last, this two year nightmare is over."

He admitted wrongdoing and said he knew that he would be held accountable.

Rangel was asked if he regretted sending the matter to the Ethics Committee himself. "No," he replied, "I could not think of any way to put to rest the newspapers and television accounts that I was a crook. That I stole money. That I took bribes."

He characterized the vote as political and as members voting their districts, saying of the censure vote "I think history will show that a different standard was used. I did not curse out the Speaker. I did not try to have sex with minors."

However, later in the press conference he admitted that "every vote in this body is political."

Rangel at one point said he relied too heavily on staff, saying it was "wrong" and a "mistake." But then followed by saying "I was not prepared to blame anyone but myself."

He dismissed questions about his feelings on the censure resolution, asking the questioners if they were psychiatrists.

Rangel also chided at the idea that a regular citizen would have received a more severe punishment. "I don't deal with average American citizens. Citizens are diverse and broad I don't know what is average."