U.S. Chamber of Commerce Sends Board Game to Lawmakers as Part of Ad Campaign

If lawmakers returning to Capitol Hill after the midterm elections consider increasing government regulation of businesses, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has a message for them: "Go back two spaces."

The business federation, which came under fire during the 2010 campaign over allegations that it illegally funneled foreign money into Republican campaign ads, mailed copies of a board game entitled "This Way to Jobs" to governors, members of Congress, and local chambers of commerce this week. The Chamber is also releasing an online and print ad campaign under the same name.

In the colorful board game, players choose to be business characters, such as a CEO or entrepreneur. The player then attempts to wind their way from a decaying "Main Street" to "Prosperity Park," a glittering locale where they can "keep their doors open, supporting the local economy and creating jobs," according to the game's "objective."

But to get "Prosperity Park," they must traverse regulatory traps like "Health Care Hill," "Energy Edge," and "Labor Lagoon."

"Your health care plan was too efficient at controlling health care costs. You must issue rebates to all plan participants. Move back 1 space," reads one ominous card players can draw.

Another card states "The accountant your company uses will not be regulated by the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. Move ahead 1 space."

Bryan Goettel, Senior Manager of Media Relations with the Chamber, says he expects members of Congress to begin receiving the games in the mail Tuesday.