Tea Party vs. Establishment: GOP Fight Set For Sunday

The top of the announcement from the Tea Party Patriots reads "Don't Let them steal OUR new Members of Congress."

The Tea Party Patriots, which is planning an event Sunday afternoon for the congressional freshmen, is worried that another event at the Capitol Hill Club hosted by the RNC will "co-opt" the freshmen. The Patriots are upset that the GOP event moderated by former Education Secretary Bill Bennett is competing with theirs.

Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party Patriots says that if GOP freshmen members attend the RNC event over theirs, it will be "an early signal of how they're going to be once they get into office."

She adds that "the grass roots is what got them there."

Martin says at least 40 freshmen GOP members are expected to attend the Tea Party Patriots event, but she declined to say which ones and would not announce the location of the event.