How Did Mark Kirk Win Obama's Former Senate seat?

AP Photo

AP Photo

How was Illinois GOP Congressman Mark Kirk able to win away President Obama's former Senate seat from Democrat Alexi Giannoulias?

Political analysts said it was "crucial" for the President's party to win. "The national political parties were very involved this race. It was one of the marquis races. There was a lot of symbolism to it," says Tom Bevin of Real Clear Politics

President Obama even came to Chicago to campaign for Giannoulias. It was a very tight race all along, and looked like it could go either way at times. So how did Kirk pull it off? "Our victory...had many mothers and fathers," Kirk's camp said in one of their final campaign e-mails to supporters.

Here are the numbers, as broken down by Kirk's campaign:

Votes earned: 1,765,594

Volunteer phone calls made: 4,115,347

Volunteer door knocks made: 214,275

Yard signs deployed: 27,898

Money Raised: $14,115,907.48

Events Held: 777

Communities Visited: 152

TV Ads Broadcast: 20

Radio Ads Broadcast: 7

Following all of the effort and hard work, Kirk's people had this to add: "Cost of Thoughtful, Independent Leadership for Illinois: Priceless."

Ruth Ravve joined the Fox News Channel (FNC) in 1996 and currently serves as a Chicago-based producer.