Governor-elect Kasich Addresses GOP Faithful

AP Photo

AP Photo

Republican John Kasich has won the hard fought battle for the governor's seat in Ohio, defeating incumbent Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland.

A roaring crowd of party faithful greeted Governor-elect Kasich as he hit the stage telling his supporters that "hope always triumphs over fear."

The GOP swept a number of races in the state- holding a US Senate seat and making gains in the US House- but winning the governor's office is of critical importance as redistricting efforts get underway. 

Kasich said "winning is not the issue here. It's remembering what we promised" as he urged his supports to stick together and remain a team.

President Obama paid a dozen visits to the state prior to election day, stumping for Strickland and other endangered Democrats.

Former President Clinton and Vice President Biden also invested in the races, attending rallies and shaking hands. 

Despite the extensive efforts the Democrats have now lost a key ally in Ohio's capitol and he has been replaced by a new leader who disagrees with many of President Obama's key initiatives. Kasich could make the president's reelection efforts in this key swing state more difficult, opposing Obama administration policies with the help of a state legislature that is also dominated by Republicans.

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