Democrats Emphasize it's Not Over, Pelosi says They'll Keep the Majority

With just a few hours before polls start closing around the country, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Democrats will keep their majority in the House.

"The early returns show so far that a number of Democrats are coming out and we are on pace to maintain the majority in the House of Representatives," said Pelosi.

The speaker does not expect to lose her job and says that this election is going to be decided by the people. "This election will not be determined by the pundits or it won't be determined by a few precincts in the East, it's an election that will take place all across America and we are very proud of it."

A high-ranking Democratic National Committee spokesman says that right now they are seeing a good turnout in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Connecticut and the early returns there are "exceeding their expectations." The spokesman says the areas they're seeing with particularly good turnout are the Lehigh Valley in northwestern Pennsylvania and around Bridgeport in Connecticut where

Democratic Senate Committee Chairman Bob Menendez (D-NJ) tells reporters they even ran out of ballots in Bridgeport because of such a high turnout.

Democratic Congressional Committee Chairman Chris VanHollen (D-MD) says tonight is simply not over and there is plenty of time for Democratic voters to still get out to the polls.

"We see high levels of energy on the Democratic side, we saw this early on in the early vote that were submitted, the Democratic votes, the early projections and now you are seeing strong turnouts by Democrats across the country in voting today. All this talk we heard from Washington trying to project the outcome of this election was so obviously immature. This is not over. Voters are sending the opposite message."