Dem Official Still Optimistic, says Calls that GOP Officially Won House are a "Mistake"

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris VanHollen (D-MD) is still confident that Democrats are going to hold onto the majority in the House, even with a few hours of closed polls and losses behind them. Fox News has already projected the House going to Republicans, however the exact house-pick up is to be determined.

"We knew it would be challenging and we also knew that people understood how high the stakes are in this election. And we remain confident that we are going to have a strong showing and we'll keep the majority, said VanHollen.

He attributes his high spirits to a higher than projected voter turnout, "obviously we had a good early vote and we've seen strongly projected Democratic turnout in the races so far, obviously there are alot of polls around the country that haven't closed yet."

An NBC reporter alerted VanHollen that they had already called the House majority for the Republicans, and he was taken aback.

"I think that's a mistake, that's way too early, I think that's a mistake, what you are seeing right now is that the voters are continuing to go to the polls, I think it's a mistake," quipped VanHollen.

When asked about losses in Virginia and Indiana, he responded back saying those were excpected and reminded reporters that there are plenty of races still open.

"If you look at the races that have been called those are the races people expected to be called."