Final Stretch for Florida Senate Race

North Bay Village, FL -Amid church organs and singing congregants, Democratic senatorial candidate Rep. Kendrick Meek began his last Sunday before Tuesday's election visiting his local church, reminding voters in the pews that he remains in this tough three-way race, despite a push by independent opponent Gov. Charlie Crist to persuade him to drop out.

"It's ancient history as far as I'm concerned," Meek said to reporters outside Mount Tabor Missionary Baptist Church in Miami, " It's all about getting the vote out now. We made the arguments. Now it is about getting the people a reason to vote."

Meek kicked off a 24-hour swing of straight campaigning that will take him across The Sunshine State.

With a throng of supporters screaming,"Charlie! Charlie!" -- and waving Crist for Senate signs, the sitting governor took a stroll down down the boardwalk in Hollywood Beach, FL, in an effort to convince voters in the heavily-Democratic area, that the choice is a simple one.

"I just want to speak to my fellow Floridians to make sure they understand the consequences of this race," Crist said, surrounded by a mob of reporters," You choose one path, you get Sarah Palin, you get extremism, you get Marco Rubio. That is not the path that Florida needs."

"We need moderation. We need common sense," Crist added, putting his hand on his chest when he said the word 'moderation'.

In the final stretch, Crist will be flying around the state, from Miami to Pensacola.

Taking a final swing through South West Florida, front-runner Marco Rubio encouraged his GOP base to ignore the polls that show him leading in the race and instead to focus on getting out the vote.

"All of the people who agree with us, that's great," Rubio said in Tampa. "But we need that support to take action, and taking action is going to vote."

FOX News National Correspondent Phil Keating contributed to this report.