Former President Clinton to Campaign with Meek Monday

MIAMI - Former President Bill Clinton will be returning to Florida to campaign with Democratic senatorial candidate Rep. Kendrick Meek and gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink at a rally in Orlando Monday, the Meek campaign said Saturday.

Though he has campaigned with Meek several times this election cycle, Monday's event will be the first time Clinton will appear with the congressman since reports surfaced this week that Clinton may have tried to push Meek out of the race in order to help independent candidate Gov. Charlie Crist beat front runner Republican Marco Rubio.

The Crist campaign had actively pushed the story, first reported by Politico, but Meek and his campaign emphatically denied the allegations.

Meek told Fox News's Greta Van Susteren he had no intention of dropping out of the race.

"Bottom line: that is just not going to happen," Meek said on On the Record Friday. "If anything, [Crist] needs to be getting out of the race. He knows it and I know it."