Clinton Gets Heckled at Ohio Rally

In a junky yellow car emblazoned with hand painted flames and the word "Failure," hecklers supporting Republican John Kasich teased Former President Clinton's stump speech for Ohio Governor Ted Strickland from a parking lot across the street from the open air event.

As Clinton sought to get his message across, a loud, bullhorn-wielding protester shouted "where's Monica?"

The former president responded, "You know, I'm actually glad that guy's here, because that's a metaphor for what's wrong with this election."

"I'm actually really glad they showed up, because they're scared you might hear what I have to say," Clinton added.

Despite the crowd's attempt to drown out the naysayers with cheers, the protesters remained undaunted. When Strickland supporters chanted "four more years," the distinct voice from the bullhorn declared, "three more days and you'll all be unemployed."

The race between the first term incumbent Democrat Strickland and former congressman Kasich is neck-and-neck heading into the final days, with the latest polls showing Kasich ahead with a single-digit lead.