Pelosi: Voter Enthusiasm is a "Funny Thing," Downplays its Role

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi/AP file

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi/AP file

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., sounded feisty in an interview with Charlie Rose on PBS Wednesday night. "I intend to win," said Pelosi.

But she isn't sure Democratic voters are as worked up as she is for the midterms - or really need to be, as long as they get to the polls. Indeed, she implied voter enthusiasm is overrated.

"Why don't you have enthusiasm?" asked Rose, referring to the so-called enthusiasm gap favoring Republicans in many pre-election polls. Enthusiasm "is a funny thing," Pelosi replied. "People say who has the energy? Well, people say, I'm going to vote. I'm not enthusiastic about it, but I'm going to vote."

It's not a question of voter enthusiasm, according to Pelosi. "It's a question of who's going to vote, whether they're enthusiastic or not." She also refused to consider the possibility she could lose her job as speaker, with control of the House slipping into Republican hands. After November 2nd she said, "I have every anticipation that we'll come together in a similar format as we are now with me as Speaker of the House."

Pelosi said she believes she will continue to be Speaker because many House races are tightening up. "We're in the game. We're in the arena. We're in the fight," said Pelosi.

"We don't have any intention of losing." Voter enthusiasm or not.