Hillary Says “I’m Out of Politics”; Leaves Midterm Elections to Bill

He has crisscrossed the country for over sixty campaign events, encouraged down-in-the-dumps Democrats, and watched his approval rating shoot up in the polls. Former President Bill Clinton has a hands-on approach to the midterm election, and with stops scheduled for candidates from Maryland to California – his intervention is far from over.

But his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is leaving domestic politics to Bubba.

“I’m out of politics. I’m not in any way involved in any of the political campaigns that are going on up to this midterm election,” the one-time presidential candidate and former senator told the audience at Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington, DC, also brushing off rumors of a potential job-swap with Vice President Joe Biden. She added, “But I see the impact that our domestic decisions have on our role in the world.”

Clinton said she’s “a big optimist” about the country recovering from economic hardship, and that it deserves its reputation as “the premier political system”– but that popular issues in the midterm elections are outside her arena.

Foreign policy is “not only my job, it’s my passion,” she explained to audience member Debra Lee of BET Holdings, Inc., who asked what the secretary and the administration could do to showcase its accomplishments before the midterms. “Many of the issues Americans should be most concerned about are in the foreign policy arena, and they aren’t much of an issue in this year’s midterm elections.”

The midterms, she told Lee, are “mostly, as you know, about the economy and other related matters, but I take your point and we’ll work as hard as we can to get that information out there.”