Quipsters & Quotes: The Week in Words

With a comedian recently on Capitol Hill, it's probably no surprise the one-liners were flying this past week. But Stephen Colbert can't take credit for some of the best bites. See how well you were paying attention to the loose lips of lawmakers in today's quote matchup.

1. "People are frustrated, they're anxious, they're scared about the future. And they have a right to be impatient about the pace of change. I'm impatient. It took time to free the slaves."

2. "Arrogance, ego, out of control. A man who feels entitled. We're showing him that he's not entitled. He sent his bird dogs out after me for the last couple weeks and we sent every one of them back bloodied."

3. "When the gavel falls tonight, members of Congress are literally as I said, adjourning the Congress to go home so they can work to save their jobs with not having lifted a finger to protect the jobs of millions of Americans from taxes and a tax increase in January."

4. "Because we're Democrats.''

5. "You know, W.W.E. is scripted entertainment."

6. "That would be like putting Count Dracula in charge of the blood bank. The fact is nothing will get done."

7. "I fully expect to be speaker of the House five weeks from now."

8. "They're rapidly becoming the party of food stamps versus a Republican Party of paychecks."

9. "I'm having a bad hair day."

10. "I think his testimony was not appropriate. I think it was an embarrassment for Mr. Colbert more than the House."

11. "Bristol the pistol, that's who we're rooting for."

A- House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer on comedian Stephen Colbert's testimony on Capitol Hill about immigration.

B-- President Obama speaking to young Democrats at a hip-hop concert in Washington

C-Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

D -- Sarah Palin, making a guest appearance on "Dancing With the Stars."

E-- Illinois U.S. Senate candidate Alex Giannoulias (D) on why he was held a conference call with reporters instead of a news conference.

F-- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

G-- California Republican gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman on the promises of reforming state employee benefits from opponent Jerry Brown.

H-- Connecticut Republican Senate nominee Linda McMahon, when asked by a supporter whether the former wrestling executive had really kicked a grappler in the crotch.

I-- Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN).

J -- Republican Carl Paladino, describing Democrat Andrew Cuomo, his rival for New York governor.

K-- Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) when asked by a reporter why his party couldn't agree on a tax plan.

ANSWERS: 1B, 2J, 3I, 4K, 5H, 6G, 7F, 8C, 9E, 10A, 11D