VIDEO: No Face Off in Fiorina-Boxer Bi-Coastal Debate Brawl

They called each other names, ridiculed their opposing policies, and SOUNDED very combative. But it was only a radio interview with Democratic incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer in Washington, 3,000 miles away from Republican challenger Carly Fiorina, in a Southern California Public Radio studio in Pasadena.

In the parking lot and on the sidewalk outside the studio a few dozen demonstrators provided the only debating that occurred face to face. Though it was really more like shouting. This being California, liberal Democrats brought props and a sense of humor. Or maybe just out of work actors. The Republican side included a host of local Tea Party activists, including Michael Fell, the Westwood Tea Party Event Chairman who went out of his way to distance himself from the Tea Party Express, the PAC out of Sacramento now famous for its biting and decisive attack adds in several republican primaries.

They weren't able to get inside to watch the debate which occured from studio to studio but were good natured just the same. Watch this: