Quipsters and Quotes: The Week in Words

Another week, another round of newsworthy nuggets. Once again, the loose lips of lawmakers have provided fodder for those of us following politics. See how well you do in this week's "Quipsters and Quotes" matchup.

1) "Well, bless his heart. We love our friends there in the machine that the expert politicos - those who say the GOP nominee is unelectable or that they're not gonna even try. Well, I say ‘buck up!'"

2) "I was ahead in the general election according to Rasmussen, before this Republican cannibalism started."

3) "I've always thought Chris Coons is going to win...I just think the world of him. He's my pet."

4) "I used to run track and I always assumed somebody was going to step on me if I didn't keep running. So that's the way it is in politics: Keep running and don't assume you can glide to victory."

5) "It was his fault. Ted Kennedy killed the bill."

6) "This is the Republican Tea Party --- the party of repeal and repeat."

7) "Republicans thought they were embracing the Tea Party and at times it turns into the Donner Party."

8) "It is a reality. And we're not whining about it. We intend to win. No whining - just go out there and win."

9) "The papers don't elect our officials!"

10) "Our choice is not between good and bad; it's between terrible and worse."

A - Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)

B - Vice President Joe Biden

C - DE GOP Senate Nominee Christine O'Donnell

D -- Sarah Palin referencing Karl Rove's gloomy predictions for Christine O'Donnell

E - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)

F - Former President Jimmy Carter on the failed 1970 health care bill

G - DNC Chair Tim Kaine

H - Former Federal Reserve chair Alan Greenspan on extension of Bush tax cuts

I -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on retaining control of the House of Representatives

J - Rep. Charlie Rangel celebrating his primary victory

ANSWERS:1D, 2C, 3E, 4A, 5F, 6B, 7G, 8I, 9J, 10H