Where’s Obama’s Circle of Love?

It was a packed East Room event at the White House - the reporters were all there and so were the questions; from finding Osama bin Laden to the midterm elections.

However, it's what was missing that stuck in some people's minds. President Obama wasn't wearing his wedding ring.

Fret not, romantics; the president's barren finger has nothing to do with marital discord. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs tells Fox News President Obama was not wearing his hardware Friday because the ring is being repaired. Though we have not been told exactly what happened to the ring, it's an intricate gold design from Indonesia, where the president spent some of his youth, the New York Times reported last year. Perhaps that requires more up-keep than your standard American man band.

The president did sport the ring earlier this week when he was on the road.

Mrs. Obama has been known to eschew her own wedding band for the sake of fashion, but the president tends to wear his.

No word on when Mr. Obama will get his ring back. It seems even the commander-in-chief has to wait like the rest of us.